LayerZero - Activity Checker

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Discover missing Contracts

  • Comprehensive overview of all your missing LayerZero Contracts.
  • Compare your wallet directly to a top 10 account and climb the leaderboard!
  • Missing Contracts are hyperlinked and lead you directly to the specific dApp.
  • Our dynamic dashboard tracks over300+ unique LayerZero contracts!

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Look up Source Chains

  • Complete overview of the 8 main Source Chains.
  • Identify your missing Source Chains, bridge between them, and smoothly climb the leaderboard.

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Cross off every Destination Chain

  • All-inclusive monitoring of over 30 Destination Chains!
  • Bridge from one of the 8 Source Chains to ensure the Destination Chain will be registered.
  • LayerZero is all about bridging – and ourinterfacewill make it easy for you to cover even the most niche chains!

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All important Metrics in one place

Track your Transactions, Volume, Contracts, Active Days, and more!
Refreshable every 4 hours.

Supercharge your LayerZero interactions